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Sarahsson + Evita Manji

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She Makes Noise 2023
21 Oct 2023
Evita Manji by Maria Koutroumpi.
Evita Manji by Maria Koutroumpi.
Evita Manji. Foto: Maria Koutroumpi.
Evita Manji. Foto: Maria Koutroumpi.

Saturday is devoted to ecofeminism and vocal and sound experimentation, with the presence for the first time in Spain of Sarahsson, a representative of queer culture in the United Kingdom, and Greek artist Evita Manji, who presents her album Spandrel? in our country.

Target audience: General public
Location: Patio
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 12€

In The Horgenaith, Sarahsson’s first album, the mysticism of nature converges with a particularly harsh form of noise music. Her live performances – including classical sounds, metal, electronica and hardcore – formally investigate the concept of “the feminine” and the rejection of gender binarism. Closing the festival’s concerts is Evita Manji, a Greek artist who this year released her first LP on the German experimental electronica label PAN. Seeking refuge in the most basic and ancestral concepts of humanity, her album Spandrel? examines which elements of ourselves are essential for our survival and which are simply an excess.


Sarahsson is a Bristol-based artiste, composer, electronic producer, performer, musical inventor and DJ. Her debut LP The Horgenaith is full of vocal experimentation, blurring the boundaries between genres. The harmony and different textures of her voice give her shows a theatrical and unusual tone. In her live performances she uses the daxophone, a bowed musical instrument of her own manufacture, which she fuses with field recordings, whispers and different vocal and sound textures that invite the listener to embark upon a personal journey through fictional narratives. Her debut in Spain will feature moments of sublime beauty, extreme sound design and stunning staging.

Evita Manji

The Greek music producer and vocalist mixes contemporary club music, baroque pop and soundscapes to evoke her concern about climate change and connect it to quantum physics and death, in an attempt to delve deeper into the primordial truth of existence. Through her carefully constructed use of synths and sound design, led by voices inspired by a classical Greek chorus, she fabricates musical worlds from ever-expanding sonic organisms.

In 2021 Manji launched her myxoxym platform and curated the first edition of the fundraising compilation series PLASMODIUM I, with the aim of raising environmental awareness and improving the situation of Greek native wildlife. Since her debut alongside artist Eartheater at the SNFCC in Athens, in September 2021, she has been performing in cities across Europe and at festivals such as Unsound, Borderline, Rhizom and Lunchmeat.

She has collaborated with artists like Amnesia Scanner and exhibited sound pieces in galleries such as Kunsthalle Basel. Her first LP, Spandrel?, was released earlier this year on the German experimental electronic label PAN. The album was written during a period of immense loss, including the sudden death of her partner SOPHIE, and an outbreak of forest fires in her native Athens. Although currently based in London, Manji is part of a new wave of artists – including Abyss X, a guest at She Makes Noise a few years ago – who are experimenting with electronica in Greece. Her album will be presented for the first time in Spain at her performance.

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  • Doors open at 8.30 pm.

    Nobody likes to queue. To avoid unnecessary waiting, we recommend that you arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes ahead of the start time.


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Sarahsson + Evita Manji

21 Oct 21 - 23 h