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To Be Public

11 Nov - 19 Nov 2016
To Be Public

The theme of this festival is the public. Our starting point is the gathering of people who have come together because each of them, individually, has decided to do the same: buy a ticket and come to watch tonight's performance at La Casa Encendida. But is that the only thing we have in common?

The aim of this festival is not so much to explore the figure of the spectator, since such reflections are more or less limited to the set of explicit and implicit rules imposed by the theatrical context, but to consider the ways in which the performing arts have become laboratories for social experimentation and the construction of images of collectivity. Above all, it aims to think about the public in relation to the public and the commons. Are the performing arts a privileged space for experimenting with dynamics for articulating what is meant by "us"?

Programming by Victoria Pérez Royo of ARTEA, an association of researchers and artists whose mission is to encourage research into art and create suitable contexts for its generation and communication.

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