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"Clean Room" (Season 2), by Juan Domínguez

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16 Nov 2016
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In the "Clean Room" series, Juan Domínguez sets out to transform the parameters of the arts live, using the episode structure of television series. The project is pursued in venues outside the theatre and adopts an unconventional schedule. Meanwhile, a group of spectators become the protagonists.

Duration: 2 hours

The series takes place on 16, 18 and 20 November, two episodes per day, and there is just one ticket for all three days. Since it is a mini-series based on the cumulative effect, it is important to experience every episode.

When you buy your ticket you will be asked for your email address so that we can tell where each episode will take place.

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"Clean Room" (Season 2), by Juan Domínguez

16 Nov 19 - 21 h