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Seminar Body and Otherness: In Search of Life Politics

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To Be Public
11 Nov - 13 Nov 2016
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From Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November, the "To Be Public" festival proposes an escape to the dichotomous logic of "I" and the "other" with a seminar organised by Christine Greiner.

The seminar will present research and creative processes that address the theme of the "other", avoiding notions mired in identity or identity politics. Various texts will be read and discussed and fragments of artistic experiments will be analysed. Participants will also discuss notions of otherness such as the state of creation, micro-activism related to feelings, the ontological revival of the stage, and cognitive diasporas like cultural insemination procedures, among others.

Christine Greiner teaches Communication and Arts at the Pontifical University of Såo Paulo, where she is also involved in the postgraduate course on Communication and Semiotics and the Body Arts course. She is the author of the books Leituras do corpo no Japão (2015) and Corpo em Crise (2010), and has published other books and articles in Brazil and elsewhere. She has been a visiting professor at Université Paris 8 and the Japanese universities Rikkyo and Kansai Gaidai. Her main research interests are contemporary Japanese culture, communication, the arts and the philosophy of the body. Since 2003 she has been co-editor of the Lecturas del cuerpo collection published by Annablume.

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Seminar Body and Otherness: In Search of Life Politics

11 Nov 17 - 17 h