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‘Hate Radio’, documentary by Milo Rau/IIPM

24 sep 2020
Foto: Zeno Graton © IIPM
Foto: Zeno Graton © IIPM

This documentary is part of Milo Rau’s project about the Rwandan genocide, Hate Radio, consisting of a performance, an exhibition, a book and a film.

Duración: 1 hora

Director Milo Rau and his collective, the International Institute of Political Murder, directed a documentary based on the research carried out to produce Hate Radio, performance about the Radio of a Thousand Hills and the Rwandan genocide, a piece inspired by this event.

Hate Radio, directed by Milo Rau/IIPM. 2014. 53’
  • Cast: Sébastien Foucault (as Georges Ruggiu), Afazali Dewaele (as DJ Jojo), Nancy Nkusi (as Valérie Bemeriki) and Diogène Atome Ntarindwa (as Kantano Habimana). Interviews with: Patrick de Saint-Exupéry, Valérie Bemeriki, Jean-Louis Gilissen and Georges Ruggiu
  • Written, directed and produced by: Milo Rau
  • Montage and sound design: Marcel Bächtiger
  • Set and costume design: Anton Lukas
  • Camera: Marcel Bächtiger, Patrick Meyer-Clement, Lennart Laberenz, Markus Tomsche
  • Sound: Jens Baudisch 
  • Research: Eva-Maria Bertschy, Jens Dietrich and Milo Rau 
  • Assistant director and production manager: Mascha Euchner-Martinez
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‘Hate Radio’, documentary by Milo Rau/IIPM

24 sep 18 - 19 h

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