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She Makes Noise 2022
22 Oct 2022

Ambient audiovisual performance based on the connections between nature and electronic music. Aircode debut in Spain.

Duration: 1 hour

As a composer, Aircode’s production features dubby rhythms, a careful use of space, ever-changing dynamics and stirring percussions layered with vocals and piano. Aircode navigates an esoteric path through the sounds of nature. The performance will also reveal a darker, sinister side of these connections, with sudden bursts of noise inspired by horror shows and the metallic beat of ritual processes, flirting constantly with the suggestion of something ancient spreading just beneath the surface, ready to consume us.

For the visual part of the set she has collaborated with producer and designer Federico Barni, who teamed up with the South London Botanical Institute to create an atmospheric image that accompanies each track. Documents of the Institute's extensive collection of moss and hepatica plants are combined with abstract images of the same plants and their ecology, adopting a scientific gaze to broaden and charm our perception of these hidden worlds, ultimately creating the sensation of a sci-fi thriller. Aircode and Barni explore ecological systems interconnected at the micro and macro levels that transport us to other places.

Aircode is the interdisciplinary, musical and artistic project of London-based emerging Swedish artist Julia Svensson. Her first album, 'Grounded', was released on the prestigious Alien Jams label earlier this year.

Sponsored by: SON Estrella Galicia

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22 Oct 18 - 19 h