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h waas

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She Makes Noise 2022
22 Oct 2022

An audiovisual concert where h waas (Helga Juárez) recreates a mysterious lake through ambient guitars, multiple layers of textures, vocal harmonies and visuals that transport us to ethereal landscapes and magical creatures.

Duration: 1 hour

The music of h waas immerses listeners in emotional landscapes inspired by nature and the search for beauty. The lake of the title, El Lago, symbolises the eye of the earth through which the inhabitants of the underworld can gaze at people, animal and plants. This mysterious place invites children and young people to explore anaesthetic sounds shrouded in decadent atmospheres while discovering ambient and the pleasure of listening. After playing at Sónar and Primavera Sound, this is her first performance in Madrid.  

h waas (Helga Juárez) is a composer, designer and visual artist. She began studying piano and accordion at the age of six, but soon left the conservatory to experiment with in a self-taught way with turntables, drums and synthesisers. After being involved in different musical initiatives of the Barcelona underground scene, in 2015 she decided to create her own solo project, h waas. She also creates graphic and audiovisual projects from a non-narrative, intuitive perspective with aesthetics derived from abstract images and painting. She is currently responsible for the El Lago music programme at dublab bcn.

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h waas

22 Oct 10 - 11 h