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No hables con la boca llena, by Coco Moya and erreefe

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She Makes Noise 2022
23 Oct 2022

“Don't speak with your mouth full” was created by artist and musician Coco Moya, in collaboration with Ricard Fernández Martín alias erreefe, and channels the duo's investigations into sound and bread. The performance will be recorded live from Tower 1 for La Casa Encendida Radio, which will subsequently broadcast the sound version as a podcast.

Duration: 1 hour

Subtitled Munkbang: Masa Madre [Munkbang: Sourdough], No hables con la boca llena​ is a psychedelic eating show about bread, a performance that uses ASMR to explore food and highlight the sound, ingestion and chewing associated with the act of eating and its relationship with orality. On the table, like a last supper, the bread is swallowed while the textures involved in the process are live streamed crudely and explicitly, creating a narcotic, psychedelic composition. Texts and sound experiments with references to Guattari, Jean-Luc Nancy and Moraza establish a parallel between the edible and the audible, both processes that convert an outside into an inside, generating a subjectivity in this ingestion-listening relationship.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a biological phenomenon characterised by a pleasing sensation that provokes warmth and relaxation, sometimes accompanied by a tingling usually felt on the head, scalp or peripheral regions of the body in response to different visual and auditory stimuli. Mukbang, or “broadcast eating” is a sub-genre of ASMR that consists in eating food in front of a microphone.

Coco Moya is a quantum electron, sometimes defined as a musician if we take her in her temporal aspect and sometimes as an artist if we her observe her in her spatiality. She considers herself to be an “apprentice” of the links, intersections and interactions between things, beings and non-beings. As a result of this sticky aspect of her trajectory, she likes to explore mystery, secrecy and other types of techno-mystical or shamanist-technical nonsense (in general, everything that be classed as palaeo-cybernetic pseudo-science). In music she uses her voice and analogue synthesis; in art, photography and pottery. In both she introduces sensitivity into matter with sensors, Arduinos and other inputs and outputs capable of turning inert objects into living objects. Coco has a degree in fine arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and wrote a thesis entitled “Geomancia sonora, el paisaje como partitura” (Sound geomancy: landscape as music score). She is a member of the Menhir collective. As a university lecturer, she teaches sound landscape and runs workshops on the connections between landscape and sound. For three years she contributed to the UCM’s Encuentros Sonoros experimental music programme.

Sponsored by: SON Estrella Galicia

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No hables con la boca llena, by Coco Moya and erreefe

23 Oct 16 - 17 h