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'Queens of the Qing Dynasty', by Ashley McKenzie

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She Makes Noise 2022
23 Oct 2022

A distinctly unconventional ode to friendship between dissident people who don't fit into normative society, this film explores the intrinsic beauty of innate human defects.

Duration: 2 hours

Queens of the Qing Dynasty, by Ashley McKenzie. Canada, 2022. 122’. (Premiere in Spain)

A singular connection emerges between a neuro-diverse teen, hospitalised after several suicide attempts, and a young student from Shanghai who is working as a volunteer at the hospital while trying to get permission to stay in the country so he doesn't have to go back to China. A nightly exchange of secrets, confidences and text messages expands the boundaries of their relationship, altering the chemistry between them.

The film features novice actors, beautiful sound design and an original soundtrack of electronic music composed by the producers Yu Su and Cecile Believe, plus tracks by Suzanne Ciani, Autechre and Kottarashky.

Ashley McKenzie (Canada, 1984). Based on Unama’ki–Cape Breton Island, Ashley McKenzie writes and directs film in collaboration with people in her community. Her short films Rhonda’s Party (2012), When You Sleep (2013), Stray (2015) and 4 Quarters (2015) were followed up in 2016 with her feature debut, Werewolf, screened to great acclaim at international festivals. Queens of the Qing Dynasty (2022) is her latest film and was premiered at the Berlinale.

Sponsored by: SON Estrella Galicia

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'Queens of the Qing Dynasty', by Ashley McKenzie

23 Oct 17 - 19 h