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Lotic + Yazzus

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She Makes Noise 2022
21 Oct 2022

Madrid debut of Lotic's 'Endless Power' audiovisual show created with designer and visual artist Emmanuel Biard. The evening ends with Yazzus reinterpreting her spiritual beliefs rooted in the African diaspora and the rave culture of the early 1990s.

Duration: 2 hours

Lotic: Endless Power

A commitment to research, the evolution of electronic sounds and the Afro-descendant queer community are the themes that have always inspired the work of J’Kerian Morgan alias Lotic. Her name means of, relating to or living in water and is an apt summary of this artist's 10-year career, first as a DJ and then as a producer working with an evolved form of distorted R&B. Her first full-length album, Power, released in 2018, transformed her fears and vulnerabilities into the consolidation of a major individual force. In her new, liberating album, Water, she combines electronic experimentation with her vocal intensity, reflecting on the construction of gender, the racial and migrant reality, and globalisation. After playing at Sónar, CTM and Rewire, this is the first Madrid outing of this show in which she is accompanied by internationally acclaimed lighting genius Emmanuel Biard, an artist who regularly creates visual sets for clubs like Fabric and promoters like Hoya:Hoya. He has also worked on the light set-ups of Evian Christ and Koreless.

Lotic studied film and music at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, and made her musical debut in 2011 with a dark and complex EP entitled More Than Friends. The following year, fleeing the stifling conservative atmosphere of her native Texas, she moved to Berlin and immediately made a name for herself on the nightlife scene as resident DJ at clubs like Berghain and with the Janus Collective, simultaneously releasing various mixtapes. It was in Berlin that she caught the attention of Björk: "Lotic is the wildest DJ I've ever heard." Soon after, she worked with the Icelandic artist on the remixes of her Vulnicura album and was the opening act at her concert in Berlin in 2015.


Yazzus remixes exuberant melodies, hypnotic basslines and an infectious, funny energy that literally bounces off the stage. With a powerful 4x4, rhythms and synths, her style transcends every dimension of the dance floor. In her sets she fuses hardcore techno with essential selections of soundtracks from classic video games. A sexy rave with dark techno and soundtracks all mixed together: electro, gabber (a sub-genre of hardcore techno) and ghettotech (which combines elements of Chicago ghetto house with hip hop, techno, electro and UK garage). Her performances are always playful, weaving inspirations from childhood with a reverence for a highly personal formative period of dance music like the 90s. In short, high-speed forward-facing music.

Born in Ghana, raised in London and now based in Berlin, Yazzus is a DJ and producer with different textures and tempos. In recent years, she has appeared on BBC Radio 6 Music presented by Mary Anne Hobbs, contributed a track to the historic Tresor 30 compilation celebrating the German night club and record label's 30th anniversary, and made her debut at Berghain, currently one of the most popular clubs. In 2022 she has played at festivals like CTM, Glitch and Waterworks in London.

Sponsored by: SON Estrella Galicia

In collaboration with: Goethe-Institut

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Lotic + Yazzus

21 Oct 19 - 21 h