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Electrónica en Abril 2024
14 Apr 2024
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An In Family session with Afrorack and his DIY synths. Considered one of the visionary artists of African experimental electronic music, his modular set-up lends itself to playfulness and improvisation, mixing traditional music with electric sounds.

Target audience: Family
Location: Patio
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 5€

A Ugandan experimental multidisciplinary artist, Afrorack has become famous for his experiments with DIY modular synths and has earned a reputation as one of the current visionaries of experimental electronic music in Africa.

Playing with electronics, building circuits, hacking devices and fiddling with microcontrollers have always fascinated him. With projects ranging from sound art, electronic music and experimental visuals to renewable energies and kinetic sculptures, he has taken part in international festivals such as CTM, Atlas Electronic, Nyege Nyege, Sonar Festival, Dakar Art Biennale, Rewire and others.

In May 2022 he released his debut album The Afrorack, which was enthusiastically received by audiences and became one of the top albums of 2022. He has also appeared on the BBC World Service Music Life programme.

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  • In Family activities are for children, so all attendees, regardless of age, must buy a ticket.

    Admission is not allowed for adults if they are not accompanied by a minor.

    Recommended age: from 6 years old.


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14 Apr 12 - 13 h