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Electrónica en Abril 2024
12 Apr 2024

Julmud is an iconic figure of the Palestinian underground scene and one of the most creative and talented producers to have emerged in recent years. At La Casa Encendida he is presenting his debut album Tuqoos, a fifteen-track project that subverts forms of enclosure.

Target audience: General public
Location: Auditorio
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 10€, 5€


Julmud's sound is a delight for the curious mind. The heavy beats of the fifteen tracks on Tuqoos bend space and time to alter forms of enclosure in the occupied territories.

With an almost granular, detailed texture, the sounds also maintain a gripping rhythmic flow through dense bass lines and a bitter sweetness in the melodies, blurring the lines between standing on a street corner, taking part in a protest and dancing at a club.

Produced in Ramallah, Palestine, Tuqoos pushes up against an inaccessible space, resisting the conditions of a body in capture through sounds that morph, slip through and create breaks in times and spaces that remain occupied.

Julmud is a producer, percussionist, keyboardist, vocalist and music researcher based in Ramallah, Palestine. His genre-defying music is composed of samples and sounds from all over the world. He has produced projects for a wide range of artists, such as Haykal, Al Nather, Muqata’a, Makimakkuk and Walaa Sbait, who also form part of his team. 


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  • *Reduced admission for under 30s, over 65s and unemployed people, with the corresponding accreditation.

    Doors open at 20:30 h.

    As nobody likes to wait, please come at least 15 minutes before the concert to avoid queues.


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12 Apr 19 - 20 h