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Aho Ssan & Sevi Iko Domochevsky + Nsasi

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Electrónica en Abril 2024
12 Apr 2024

With its seemingly infinite codes and references, the cultural legacy of the African continent is present in the proposals which producer and sound artist Aho Ssan and activist and producer Nsasi bring to La Casa Encendida. Ssan presents his latest show Rhizomes, with visuals by Sevi Iko Dømochevsky, while Nsasi brings to Europe the live version of their new album.

Target audience: General public
Location: Patio
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 20€, 10€

Aho Ssan & Sevi Iko Domochevsky present Rhizomes

Aho Ssan creates musical rhizomes with different sound elements and collaborations with artists like Angel Bat Dawid, Nicolas Jaar, Moor Mother and Clipping. For the presentation of Rhizomes, his latest show, the visual artist Sevi Iko Dømochevsky has created the audiovisual part through a hybrid exploration of languages and emotional responses to the piece.

After his critically acclaimed debut with Simulacrum in 2020, Aho Ssan has continued to captivate audiences keen to discover new horizons in an intimate, creative sound. Ssan speaks his own language and the fact that we can’t understand it is precisely what makes his work so fascinating. His music is also defined as a way of understanding and coming to terms with his Franco-African identity.

Rhizomes is based on the concept of roots that spread out to connect with other roots. Constantly in motion, they expand in every direction and have no clear beginning and no end, remaining perpetually in the middle, through which they grow and overflow. This piece adapts that concept to explore the influence of sound materials in the creation and appropriation of a sound object and the collaborative nature of a composition that speaks to modernity.


In Kampala’s underground scene, Nsasi is famous for their agile approach to music. Born in the picturesque and deeply traditional town of Jinja, Uganda, they soon became known for openly challenging authority.

Their daring sound is a combination of traditional rhythms and sound palettes on one hand and, on the other, a fascination with ultra-modern, disruptive music. An ability to alternate between sharply contrasting sounds is a hallmark of their work, which takes listeners on a journey through very different tempos and genres. The result is a dynamic landscape where erratic acid beats collide sometimes with Kiganda percussion and sometimes with East African rhythms, creating a fluid, compelling style.

This is Nsasi’s first performance in Europe of their new album, released on the Hakuna Kulala label.

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  • *Reduced admission for under 30s, over 65s and unemployed people, with the corresponding accreditation.

    Doors open at 20:30 h.

    As nobody likes to wait, please come at least 15 minutes before the concert to avoid queues.

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Aho Ssan & Sevi Iko Domochevsky + Nsasi

12 Apr 20 - 22 h