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Electrónica en Abril 2024

9 Apr - 14 Apr 2024
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From 11 to 14 April La Casa Encendida plays host once again to the festival of avant-garde synthetic music that over the course of twenty editions has invited audiences to discover the latest trends in a constantly evolving genre.

Curating the annual event for the third and last time is the Barcelona-based collective Jokkoo, with a clear focus on artists with diverse roots, a strong sound identity and a unique approach to creating projects largely inspired by their cultures of origin.

Palestinian artist and producer Julmud, one of the iconic figures on the underground scene in Ramallah, presents his debut album: a fifteen-track project that subverts forms of enclosure in the occupied territories.

The cultural legacy of the African continent reaches La Casa Encendida through the sound of French artist Aho Ssan and Nsasi, musical ambassador of Uganda’s alternative sound. Both are presenting their latest works in Spain.

Ulla brings the most ambient proposal with her project on electroacoustics and experimental jazz, while Chuquimamani remixes the ceremonial music of the Aymara people of South America and Afro-Portuguese producer and DJ Nídia comes to La Casa Encendida with her tarraxo beats and drummer Valentina Magaletti.

For the first time, the festival includes two workshops: an introduction to DIY electronic music where participants can learn to how to build homemade synths with Afrorack (he’s also giving a concert as part of the In Family programme), and a listening workshop run by the Banda collective.

As the finishing touch to their curating project for La Casa Encendida, Jokkoo opens Electrónica en Abril with the performance of a piece the collective created at an art residency in Kenya. It addresses the effects of colonialism, capitalism and its inherent extractivism but also resistance to these constant threats.


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