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Electrónica en Abril 2024
11 Apr 2024

The Barcelona-based music collective presents Manglar: Inteligencia Orgánica, the piece which emerged from an art research residency last year in Kenya with producer Monrhea and which they now bring to audiences at La Casa Encendida.

Target audience: General public
Location: Patio
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 12€, 6€

One year after their first encounter in Kenya during an art research residency in Nairobi, the collective has opted to end its three-year curating project for Electrónica en Abril with a performance of its piece Manglar: Inteligencia Orgánica.

Manglar: Inteligencia Orgánica exposes the effects of colonialism, capitalism and its inherent extractivism but at the same time highlights resistance to these constant threats.

Every year, tonnes of second-hand clothes are sent to different parts of Africa as a supposed act of charity, but they end up being discarded and therefore become waste. With the street markets unable to handle such a vast quantity of clothes, many garments are incinerated at landfills, with an adverse effect on biodiversity and the health of the local population. Monocultures of flowers, sugar cane and grain to supply the west are destroying wetlands that are vital for the survival of numerous species; they are also depriving people of access to water and forcing them to leave their home.

Resistance is represented through the mangrove forest, made up of groups of trees mangrovesthat grow through the contact between soil and sea. Home to numerous species, the mangrove forest has a key function as the protector and generator of life, a natural filter against pollutants such as heavy metals and carbon dioxide. It also provides local populations with a unique source of income.

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  • *Reduced admission for under 30s, over 65s and unemployed people, with the corresponding accreditation.

    Doors open at 20:30 h.

    As nobody likes to wait, please come at least 15 minutes before the concert to avoid queues.


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11 Apr 20 - 21 h