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Angélica Salvi

8 Aug 2021
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@Dinis Santos
@Dinis Santos

Angélica Salvi's music transports us from the dawn of times to the present, through a delicate exposure of her instrument—the harp—to the possibilities afforded by electronic technology. A round-trip journey beginning at the origin.

Duration: 1 hour

After graduating with honours from the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, Salvi went to study with jazz harpist Carrol McLaughlin at the University of Arizona. Later on, she obtained two master’s degrees in improvisation, contemporary music and electroacoustics from the conservatory in The Hague under the direction of Ernestine Stoop and Anne La Berge. She has spent the last 10 years immersed in the world of jazz, pop and electronic music, working with bands like The Pyramids and artists like Lafawndah.

Angélica Salvi, is a Spanish musician who has been based in Porto since 2011. She is currently the harpist for the contemporary ensemble Vertixe Sonora and she teaches harp at the Porto conservatory. She is a founding member of FMFX (Female Effects) and is also involved in a variety of multidisciplinary projects: Harpoemacto, Nooito, Transcendence and Delirium, and Invisible Landscapes. PHANTONE is her first solo album, released in 2019.

*The concert will take place on the Terrace and will be live streamed through the YouTube channel of La Casa Encendida.

*Covid protocol

  • The capacity has been reduced by 50%.
  • Please keep a safe distance at all times, including while queuing to enter.
  • Please follow the instructions of La Casa Encendida staff when entering and exiting the space.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser available at the entrance.

* La Casa Encendida, a safe space. Please check the health and safety measures we've implemented before you attend this event.

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Angélica Salvi

8 Aug 19 - 20 h