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'Adaptation', by Spike Jonze

28 Aug 2021
'Adaptation. El ladrón de orquídeas', de Spike Jonze
'Adaptation. El ladrón de orquídeas', de Spike Jonze

Metanarrative and semi-autobiographical film about the creative process of a celebrated Hollywood screenwriter who is hired to adapt a novel about a passionate flower collector and seller.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Adaptation, by Spike Jonze. USA. 2002. 114'

After the success of Being John Malkovich, Charlie Kaufman becomes a successful screenwriter in Los Angeles and receives the commission to adapt Susan Orlean's novel The Orchid Thief for the big screen. The film is a story within a story. We witness Kaufman struggling with writer's block as he finds it impossible to adapt the novel, as well as his relationship with his twin brother, Donald, who is also trying to write a screenplay. As a parallel plot, we discover the story of Laroche, an orchid thief, and his relationship with the author of the novel.

Adaptation features a brilliant cast with Nicolas Cage playing both of the Kaufman brothers, accompanied by Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper, who won an Oscar for best supporting actor. That was just one of 50 awards garnered by the film, including two Golden Globes, a Bafta, and the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize for Spike Jonze at the Berlinale Film Festival.

Spike Jonze (USA, 1969). Adam Spiegel, known professionally as Spike Jonze, has forged a prolific career as a film-maker and director of music videos. Straddling underground culture and the mainstream, he cut his professional teeth in the world of graffiti and skateboarding, founded the youth culture magazine Dirt, and then started working for music bands like Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr., R.E.M., Björk, Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim. He made his debut in cinema in 1999 with the feature film Being John Malkovich, following it up with Adaptation (2002), Where the Wild Things Are (2009), Her (2013) and Beastie Boys Story (2010). To date, he has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe, as well as accolades at international festivals like the Berlinale and the Venice Film Festival.

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'Adaptation', by Spike Jonze

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