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Bella Báguena

31 Jul 2022

Pop imagery, organic textures, lights, sound reverbs, the sea and water, hormones, tears, love stories and drama are all part of Bella’s universe.

Duration: 1 hour

In her live shows she creates a close connection between her own emotional experience and the audience’s, an honest channel to communicate, where it makes no difference if the tools used are words or forms, body language or vocal expression.

Bella Báguena is a trans-feminine artist from Valencia who works with music, performance, video and other media. Her artwork is the result of an intuitive emotional process, using her voice and body movements as well as objects, settings and technology to create sound, video, sculptural or performative pieces that hinge on the expression of feelings and thoughts.

Bella Báguena has performed at CCCB (Barcelona), Palais de Tokyo, (Paris), Askip (Nantes), La Station (Paris) and Boiler Room x MARICAS (Off Sonar, Barcelona).

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Bella Báguena

31 Jul 19 - 20 h