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‘Body Snatchers’, by Abel Ferrara

6 Aug 2022

This third film adaptation of Jack Finney’s novella The Body Snatchers uses the metaphor of an alien invasion to unravel the concerns and fears of its time.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Body Snatchers, directed by Abel Ferrara. USA, 1993. 87’

The Malone family moves to an Alabama military base, where they soon notice that the soldiers are acting strangely. This odd behaviour gradually spreads to their neighbours and friends. The daughter suspects that their acquaintances are being replaced by aliens.

Abel Ferrara (New York, 1951) was born into an Italian-Irish immigrant family in the Bronx. He became interested in cinema as a teenager and shot shorts with a Super-8 camera. In the 1970s he began working with screenwriter Nicholas St. John, and together they created cult classics like Ms. 45 (1981), China Girl (1987), King of New York (1990) and The Addiction (1995). Ferrara reached the pinnacle of his fame with Bad Lieutenant (1992), after which he made Body Snatchers. At age 68 he directed a documentary, The Projectionist (2019), which premiered at the Tribeca Festival.

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‘Body Snatchers’, by Abel Ferrara

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