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28 Aug 2022
© Luis Torroja
© Luis Torroja

Colleen presents her recently released seventh album, The Tunnel and the Clearing. Organ, beat box and vintage tape delay: three elements for turning a moment of profound vulnerability into “emotional noise”.

Duration: 1 hour

Colleen has been the alias of French singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Cécile Schott since 2002. She is considered one of the most relevant electronic artists and producers on the European stage. In the course of her extensive career, she has played at museums and festivals around the world, including Fondazione Prada, CTM Festival, Rewire, Mutek, Nuits Sonores, Mutek Japan, Moogfest, PhilaMOCA and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

On her first three albums, released by The Leaf Label, Colleen explored a dreamy instrumental world. In 2007 she began playing her fetish instrument, the viola da gamba. Colleen started singing on The Weighing of the Heart (2013) and continued on her next albums, released with Thrill Jockey Records, as her music became increasingly pop and experimental. On Captain of None (2015), she took her treble viola da gamba into a world influenced by 1970s Jamaican dub. In 2017 she traded acoustic instruments for electronic sounds on A Flame My Love, a Frequency, where the lyrics became more personal.

In 2021 Colleen released The Tunnel and the Clearing, her seventh album, which she is now presenting at La Casa Encendida.

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28 Aug 19 - 20 h