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She Makes Noise 2022


She Makes Noise 2022

From 20 to 23 October 2022

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

She Makes Noise was created eight years ago to celebrate electronic and experimental music and contemporary audiovisual art made by women, who despite their contributions to these fields have often been ignored. The latest editions of the festival have offered a transversal vision that encompasses non-binary identities, reflecting the transformation of the gender perspective in recent years.

Texan artist and queer activist Lotic, who explores new electronic sounds, will present her "Endless Power" show designed with visual artist Emmanuel Biard, never before seen in Madrid.

From Asia, the She Makes Noise festival brings the first performances in Spain by Vietnamese artist Veron Xio alias x/o, with an audiovisual show that explores metamorphosis and gender transition though rhythms that blend nu-metal, trip hop and contemporary electronic; Hüma Utku flies in from Istanbul with a proposal that examines noise and industrial music while incorporating the tradition of her native country; and Japanese artist Object Blue brings to the Courtyard a multimedia fiction with neo-medieval influences of the video game world and the metaverse, in collaboration with Polish producer Natalia Podgórska.

The sounds of the African diaspora are represented by DJ Yazzus from Ghana.

This year the festival also returns to the Auditorium with the audiovisual performance by Swedish composer Aircode, who presents her first album in which she draws parallels between nature and electronic music and explores the concept of “mutant natures”.

The film programme mixes ancestral with contemporary through six titles that introduce us to a trans indigenous community, to the life of women who earn their living as seafood workers or cleaners, and to the friendship that springs up between two young people who don't fit into normative society. Aribada, the new film by Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau and Natalia Escobar (Colombia/Germany), Queens of the Qing Dynasty, by Ashley McKenzie (Canada) and Dear Darkness, by Antoinette Zwirchmayr (Austria) receive their first showing in Spain, while Tatuado nos ollos levamos o pouso, the new film by Diana Toucedo (Spain) and Madrugada, another new film, by Leonor Noivo (Portugal) receive their Madrid premieres.

Tower 1 on the Terrace hosts Tecnologías de Contacto, a workshop by visual artist, cultural researcher and composer Coco Moya that adopts the form of a sound experimentation game guided by ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) techniques and consisting in the pleasurable tingling sensation that relaxes the muscles. As the final live show, Coco Moya performs "No hables con la boca llena", subtitled “Munkbang: Masa Madre”, in collaboration with artist Ricardo Fernández Martin alias erreefe. The sound piece will be broadcast as a podcast on La Casa Encendida Radio.

The En Familia programme features two experimental electronic concerts for children and young people with the presentation in Madrid of h waas, a musician, designer and audiovisual artist who explores a mysterious nature; and the interactive concert by composer and technologist Hara Alonso, who proposes the collective creation of an orchestra with ordinary objects and instruments.

Curated by Playtime Audiovisuales: Natalia Piñuel Martín (music and activities) and Enrique Piñuel Martín (film).

Sponsored by: SON Estrella Galicia

Activities Festival She Makes Noise 2022 Open/close Festival
  • 20 October 2022
    Concerts x/o

    This artist captivates audiences everywhere they go with their music and stage presentation (…)

  • 21 October 2022
    Decolonialidad cuir session
    Screenings, Films Decolonialidad cuir session

    An approximation to indigenous cultures and gender dissidences in Latin American LGTBIQ+ communities through the work (…)

  • 21 October 2022
    Lotic + Yazzus
    Concerts Lotic + Yazzus

    Madrid debut of Lotic's 'Endless Power' audiovisual show created with designer and visual artist Emmanuel Biard (…)

  • 22 October 2022
    h waas
    For kids, Concerts h waas

    An audiovisual concert where h waas (Helga Juárez) recreates a mysterious lake through ambient guitars, multiple (…)

  • 22 October 2022
    'El cuerpo a escena' short film session
    Screenings 'El cuerpo a escena' short film session

    This short film session at the She Makes Noise festival features three titles in which the body occupies a particularly (…)

  • 22 October 2022
    Concerts Aircode

    Ambient audiovisual performance based on the connections between nature and electronic music. Aircode debut in Spain.

  • 22 October 2022
    Hüma Utku + Object Blue
    Screenings Hüma Utku + Object Blue

    Hüma Utku explores the possibilities of how sound textures and rhythm intertwine to evoke a sense of peace and calm in (…)

  • 23 October 2022
    Hara Alonso
    For kids, Concerts Hara Alonso

    Multimedia artist Hara Alonso presents an interactive concert in which we help her create a collective orchestra with (…)

  • 23 October 2022
    No hables con la boca llena, by Coco Moya and erreefe
    Concerts No hables con la boca llena, by Coco Moya and erreefe

    “Don't speak with your mouth full” was created by artist and musician Coco Moya, in collaboration with Ricard (…)

  • 23 October 2022
    'Queens of the Qing Dynasty', by Ashley McKenzie
    Screenings 'Queens of the Qing Dynasty', by Ashley McKenzie

    A distinctly unconventional ode to friendship between dissident people who don't fit into normative society, this film (…)

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