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"¡AY! ¡YA!" by Macarena Recuerda Shepherd

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30 Oct - 31 Oct 2019
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¡AY! ¡YA! is an illusion that leads us to perceive reality in different ways suggested by the imagination or caused by optical deception. This effect proves our eyes are not video cameras that record everything that happens; rather, our brains interpret and rework the information supplied by our senses.

Macarena Recuerda Shepherd is a pseudonym that the artist Lidia Zoilo González has been using for nearly ten years. Macarena Recuerda identifies herself as a visual and performing artist who has created a wide variety of pieces.

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"¡AY! ¡YA!" by Macarena Recuerda Shepherd

30 Oct 19 - 21 h

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