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"How Do You Make a Performance?" by Twins Experiment

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16 Mar - 17 Mar 2017
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This question is the starting point for Ainhoa and Laura. It's a common practice. It's a quest. It's a journey of transformation. It's a learning experience. It's a device. It's a game. It's a warm-up for what will come.

How Do You Make a Performance? is a collage of materials edited in real time to create a different composition each time it is performed.

Ainhoa Hernández and Laura Ramírez are Twins Experiment. Two girls from Madrid. Twins. Separated at birth and reunited in 2014. Together, they are Twins Experiment. Together they make playlists, lists, outlines, collages. Together they made their first piece, and together they dance, sleep, invent games and sometimes share a flat. Two Twins, one collective.

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"How Do You Make a Performance?" by Twins Experiment

16 Mar 21 - 22:30 h

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