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“Lava” by Sara Manente and Marcos Simoes

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14 Mar 2019
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Lava has a different composition, temperature, viscosity and behaviour. It alters its surroundings and brings about unexpected changes. There’s something uncontrollable and terrible about Lava, but there’s also something attractive, magnetic. Lava can travel everywhere. It starts out as an eruption and then spreads and flows. It’s a state, but it’s also matter.

Duration: 1 hour

Idea and performance: Sara Manente and Marcos Simoes

Lighting: Jonas Chereau and Estelle Gautier

Musical accompaniment: Christophe Albertijn

Advisers: Agnes Quackels and Juan Domínguez

Produced by: Cabra vzw

Co-produced by: Kunstcentrum BUDA

With the support of: Bains Connective and ZSenne Art Lab

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“Lava” by Sara Manente and Marcos Simoes

14 Mar 21 - 22 h

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