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"SenecioFicciones" by Sara Molina

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9 Mar - 11 Mar 2018
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Six men on stage, six singular beings who enter into an interrupted relationship: real appearances. That's why saying "we" is madness. Saying "we" is a promise, a demand, a hope.

The Autumn to Spring Festival presents SenecioFicciones by Sara Molina. Based on a pattern of successive lessons—the first, second and third lessons imparted to the young Senecio (the harlequin in Klee's painting)—the piece reflects on a theme, a great theme, which is the task we face in this age of excess: that of re-learning how and deciding what it means to be human.

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"SenecioFicciones" by Sara Molina

9 Mar 21 - 22:30 h

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