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"Between what is yet to be here and what is here no longer" by J.Domínguez

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27 May 2017
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In this self-portrait, Juan Domínguez creates a space where time consists of his past and his future. Working at the intersection of reality and fiction, he manages to weave a mystery that facilitates the quest for new modes of being and being here.

Duration: 2 hours

Juan Domínguez is an artist and curator in the field of choreography and the performing arts. His work explores the relationship between different codes and advocates a total dissolution of the boundary between fiction and reality, using the former to produce the latter and vice versa. He has worked as artistic director of the In-Presentable Festival at La Casa Encendida (2003–2012), co-director of the Living Room Festival (2010–2013) and curator of the Picnic Sessions at CA2M, Madrid (2013–2015).

Produced by Juan Domínguez with the support of Tanznacht Berlin and Tanzfabrik Berlin/ apap-advancing performing arts project – Performing Europe 2020 / EU – Creative Europe Programme

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"Between what is yet to be here and what is here no longer" by J.Domínguez

27 May 20 - 22 h

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