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Monographic: CANADA

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20 Nov 2019
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Films, Talks
Foals – Exits, de Albert Moya
Foals – Exits, de Albert Moya

Join us for a visual and musical tour of CANADA, a production company that’s revolutionised the international music video industry. Their unique creative universe riddled with silver-screen references has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre since the company was founded over 10 years ago, producing videos for artists like Foals, Beck, Tame Impala and Rosalía.

Duration: 2 hours

At La Casa Encendida, we’ll view a sampling of the music videos they’ve produced in recent years for some of the biggest artists in Spain (El Guincho, Bad Gyal, Los Punsetes, Rosalía) and the world (Scissor Sisters, Phoenix, Foals, Beck, Tame Impala).


  • El Guincho - Bombay (directed by CANADA)
  • North State - Crowns (directed by Nur Casadevall)
  • Foals - Exits (directed by Albert Moya)
  • Phoenix - Trying to Be Cool (directed by CANADA)
  • Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light (directed by CANADA)
  • Zeeland - Dazed by the Desert (directed by Femke Huurdeman)
  • Los Punsetes - Me gusta que me pegues (directed by CANADA)
  • Beck - Up All Night (directed by CANADA)
  • Hinds - Warts (directed by Pedro Martín-Calero)
  • Tennyson - Cry Bird (directed by Dario Peña)
  • Tame Impala - The Less I Know the Better (directed by CANADA)
  • Breakbot - You Should Know (directed by Gerson Aguerri)
  • Bad Gyal - Candela (directed by Manson)
  • Rosalía - Pienso en tu mirá (directed by CANADA)

The screening will be followed by a talk with CANADA producers Óscar Romagosa and Alba Barneda.

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Monographic: CANADA

20 Nov 19 - 21 h