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Monographic: Oberhausen MuVi

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28 Feb 2019
Don’t (Daniel Freitag), de Daniel Freitag
Don’t (Daniel Freitag), de Daniel Freitag

A special screening of the 11 music videos nominated for the 2018 MuVi Award at the Oberhausen Festival in Germany.

Duration: 2 hours


  • Action 1: Lucid, Imperial Beach (Kammerflimmer Kollektief) by Bernd Schoch, 8’.
  • Copyshop (Romano) by Jakob Grunert, 10’30”.
  • Cuidacoches (Tall Juan) by Dante Zaballa, 2’.
  • Damenbartblick (Schlammpeitziger) by Jo Zimmermann/Ulrike Göken, 5’.
  • Dinge (Station 17/Andreas Spechtl) by Iskender Kökce, 6’.
  • Don’t (Daniel Freitag) by Daniel Freitag, 4’.
  • In Waves (Nagel) by Boris Dörning/Gregor Kuschmirz, 5’.
  • Limerence (Yves Tumor) by Oliver Pietsch, 5’30”.
  • Take A Stand, But What To Wear? (OK DECAY) by Stephanie Müller/Klaus Erich Dietl, 10’.
  • Things (Andreas Spechtl) by Markus S Fiedler, 4’.
  • Tutorial (Erdmöbel) by Dennis Todorović, 7’30”.

Total runtime: 68’

Programme organised in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut

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Monographic: Oberhausen MuVi

28 Feb 19 - 21 h