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Monographic: Jodie Mack 1

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22 Nov 2018
Point de Gaze
Point de Gaze

Fabric and patterns. Postcards and posters. Every object with a trace of history and colour provides the pretext for a brilliant film. Delicacy becomes fever. Sparks fly from the mundane. This session also includes a live performance/karaoke. Not even the Rubik’s cube has as many colours and possibilities as Jodie Mack's films.

Duration: 2 hours

Programme organised in collaboration with Pasajes de Cine.

  • Point de Gaze. United States, 2012. 5’
  • New Fancy Foils. United States, 2013. 12’
  • Glistening Thrills. United States, 2013. 8’
  • Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project. United States, 2013. 41’ (live performance)
  • Something Between Us. United States, 2015. 10’

After the screening there will be a discussion with the director.

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Monographic: Jodie Mack 1

22 Nov 19 - 21 h