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Monographic: Gabriel Abrantes

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25 Apr 2018
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Films, Talks

Gabriel Abrantes will be the guest of honour at the second session of “Monographics”, a series in which we review the most outstanding work of young directors and chat with them after the screening.

Duration: 2 hours

Gabriel Abrantes’s films reference the absurd, folklore, humour and politics, altering traditional narratives to create unlikely layers of interpretation.


  • Olympia I & II. 2006. 8'
  • Taprobana. 2014. 24'
  • Ornithes. 2013. 17'
  • A Brief History of Princess X. 2016. 7'
  • Os Humores Artificiais [The Artificial Humours]. 2016. 29'
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Monographic: Gabriel Abrantes

25 Apr 18 - 20 h