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Monographic: Bertrand Mandico

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29 May 2019
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"La résurrection des natures mortes"

A selection of the most evocative short films by the creator of Les garçons sauvages (The Wild Boys, 2017), from his first short Le Cavalier Bleu (1999) to the Madrid premiere of his latest, Ultra Pulpe (2018).

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Bertrand Mandico (France, 1971), studied at the Gobelins animation school. As a long-term project, he plans to make twenty-one shorts in twenty-one years with his favourite muse, actress Elina Löwensohn. His work has received several awards at international film festivals.

Programme (all original soundtracks with Spanish subtitles)

  • Notre dame des hormones [Our Lady of Hormones], 2014. 31’20
  • Sa Majesté petite barbe, 2008. 5’30
  • La résurrection des natures mortes [Living Still Life], 2012. 15’
  • Le Cavalier Bleu, 1999. 11’
  • Ultra Pulpe, 2018. 37’ (Madrid premiere)

Total runtime: approx. 100’

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Monographic: Bertrand Mandico

29 May 18 - 20:30 h