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Monographic: Xacio Baño

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19 Sep 2018
"Eco", de Xacio Baño

Join us for the latest instalment of “Monographics”, a programme that highlights the complete oeuvre of fundamental contemporary film directors and creators of audiovisual shorts. The month of September is dedicated to Galician filmmaker Xacio Baño.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Xacio Baño (Xove, Galicia, 1983) has spent nearly a decade building a successful international career with his short films. He has participated in various festivals, including the Locarno Film Festival with To Be and To Come Back and Eco; the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, where he won the prestigious Prix Canal Plus; the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI); and the MoMA New Directors/New Films Festival. In 2018 he presented his first feature film, Trote, at the Locarno competition and later in San Sebastián. While we’re waiting for it to hit Spanish cinemas, we can enjoy this monographic series featuring his complete filmography:

  • Estereoscopía, 2011. 12'
  • Pieces, 2012. 6'
  • Ai Capitán, 2014. 3'
  • Entre el relámpago y el trueno, 2013. 9'
  • To Be and To Come Back, 2014. 13'
  • Limoerio, 2015. 2'
  • Solpor, 2015. 4'
  • Eco, 2015. 20'
  • Cedeira - Guadi Galego, 2016. 5’

Programme organised in collaboration with Marvin & Wayne Short Film Distribution

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Monographic: Xacio Baño

19 Sep 18 - 19:30 h