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Monographic: Alex Reynolds

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23 Oct 2019
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Films, Talks
Ver nieve de Alex Reynolds
Ver nieve de Alex Reynolds

The October film programme at La Casa Encendida is “under the influence” of she makes noise to celebrate the festival’s fifth anniversary. As a result, we’re presenting the audiovisual work of Alex Reynolds, an artist who works by rethinking cinematographic structures, altering their codes, exploring new forms of representation and challenging the viewer’s position before the work.

Duration: 2 hours


  • Spinario. Spain/Belgium, 2012. 24’
  • Ver nieve [To See Snow]. Spain, 2016. 30’
  • Esta puerta, esta ventana [This Door, This Window]. Spain/Belgium, 2017. 36’

The screening will be followed by a talk with Alex Reynolds

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Monographic: Alex Reynolds

23 Oct 18 - 20 h